Savvy Self-defense SEMINARS

Everyone should know at least some basic self-awareness and self-defense tactics for the confidence it gives, especially to the more vulnerable groups in society (women, children, and older people). We offer Savvy Self-defense SEMINARS in easy-to-learn, extremely effective self-defense skills that are appropriate for men and women ages 13-100. You will take a booklet home with you as a pictorial and text reminder of what you learned in class.

You DO NOT have to be in good physical fitness to attend a Seminar! You will learn practical skills that can be used by anyone of any age and physical ability. You DO have to be able to ascend a flight of stairs to get to the practice room.

In our SEMINARS you will learn how to reduce your likelihood of becoming a victim by making yourself a “harder target,” how to use everyday items as weapons, as well as some basic tactics for neutralizing perpetrators so that you can escape to safety. This includes 2 hours of intensive instruction plus a take-home booklet.

We suggest that men wear groin protection. You can purchase this at Accion Sports on Simon Bolivar y Calle Tarqui (1/2 a block West of Calle Tarqui) or Champion Sports, near the Coliseo.

SEMINARS are on FRIDAYS 9 AM – 11 AM – check our Schedule for upcoming seminars
Register for a SEMINAR here.

Survival Self-defense SEMINAR (one-time class) is $30 (Students receive 2 hours of intensive instruction PLUS a take-home booklet.)
A set of 3 Seminars is offered at the discounted price of $75.

SEMINARS class size is limited to 20 students.

“I want to give a very strong recommendation for a great self-defense program called Krav Maga being taught by Chelsea Gray at CAM gym (CIMAfitness). The goal of Krav Maga is to give anyone – regardless of age and size – the skills, training and confidence to escape from an attacker/mugger with minimal harm to you. The techniques and skills are relatively easy to learn although they do take some repetition and practice. I highly recommend this program to EVERY woman and probably every male expat. Having these skills and knowledge will make you much less likely to seem like an easy victim – much better to avoid an attack altogether. Remember that predators go after the weakest (looking) prey. Chelsea offers a great 2 hour seminar to discuss basic self-awareness, and an intro in some basic techniques anyone could use to first, avoid being attacked, but if you are how to defend yourself so you can escape! Check it out!!!”  — Mike Chisholm

“Absolute best time I’ve had in a physical activity in memory – great workout with a purpose. A no nonsense self-defense introduction – direct, use what you’ve got, natural in movement, and very effective. The techniques even work for a zero athletic no coordination guy like me. Andy and Chelsea know what they are doing and have the credentials to back it up. Wish it was In Cuenca two years ago! Awesome! Can’t wait to go again!”
— Mark Anthony