Savvy Self-defense SEMINARS

Cima Fitness offers a series of 3 Savvy Self-defense SEMINARS for ages 13-100! Everyone needs some basic self-awareness and self-defense skills that WORK. Our SEMINARS equip you with practical information and practice, plus a take-home booklet to remind you of what you learned.


Seminars are held at FuncFit | Alfonso Moreno Mora y Av. Solano. Edificio La Fragata #002 (behind ItalDeli).

Take one seminar for $30 or all three for $75! Bring a friend/spouse and pay only $20 for your class. Repeat a seminar for only $20. (Only one discount may be applied to each registrant.)

SEMINAR I: (Basic self-defense)

– Situational awareness
– Protecting yourself in your vehicle and home
– Best places to attack your attacker for maximum effectiveness and minimal effort
– Everyday items that can be used as a weapon
– Wrist releases
– Knee to the groin
– Hammerfist to the back of the head
– Palm strikes
– Combos (defense and counterattacks)

SEMINAR II: (Punches, kicks, elbow strikes)
– Basic kicks (front [2], side, back, round)
– Punches (straight, cross, palm strikes, hammerfists)
– Elbow strikes
– 360 degree defense
– Combos (defense and counterattacks)

SEMINAR III: (Weapons defense)
– Knives (front stab, slash, from above, from below)
– Guns (to the head/chest/stomach, side [in front of and behind arm], from behind)
– Common situations and scams
– Hostage situations
– Stick/pipe/long gun
– Combos (defense and counterattacks)

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Maximum class size is 20 people. Please see our Schedule for the next available SEMINAR.