New Krav Classes Added!


Krav Maga at CimaFitness

Krav Maga at CimaFitness

Our Mon/Wed Krav Maga classes are FULL, so now we’re opening up Tues/Thurs classes…at the same time, same place…starting August 5th. If you would like to move from Mon/Wed to Tues/Thurs classes, or attend 3 or 4 classes per week, please send us an email at If you are not currently registered for classes, you can learn more about what we offer here: Self-defense Seminars and Classes

Krav Maga is an Israeli self-defense system that can be learned quickly by anyone of any age or ability. Learn to defend yourself, even in an increasingly unsafe world, and improve your fitness level at the same time. We offer a one-time Survival Self-defense Seminar on the last Friday of every month as well as weekly classes if you would like to continue your training. When you pay for a Seminar, you may attend your first month of classes for FREE. Bring a friend and receive $10 off!

For more info, click here: Self-defense Seminars and Classes

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