New Classes at Cima Fitness for 2015!

Lots of changes at Cima Fitness in 2015…

Thank you to all of you who supported Cima Fitness in 2014. I appreciate you more than you know. Here’s to 2015!

There will be some changes in the New Year that reflect the growth and evolution of Cima Fitness. I hope you like them!


KravFit classes are replacing the 40+ Fitness classes. This is a combination of functional fitness and self-defense. Each class will include some basic self-defense techniques as well as a functional fitness WOD (workout of the day). This class is practical, functional, and FUN exercise!
Mon / Wed  10 am – 11 am
2 times per week classes are $30/month

Women’s Self-defense

Women-only class for those who desire to learn basic self-defense and also improve their fitness level. This is a useful, functional, FUN way to exercise! Everyone should know at least some basic self-awareness and self-defense techniques for the confidence it gives, especially to the more vulnerable groups in society (women, children, and older people). In these weekly classes you will have the opportunity to regularly practice, and become proficient in self-defense techniques that are easy-to-learn.
Fri  10 am – 11 am
1 time per week classes are $17/month

Strong Curves Personal Training

Strong bodies are sexy! But most women want to retain some curves while increasing their fitness. What you receive with Personal Training at Cima Fitness:

+ Initial consultation for diet, lifestyle choices, and fitness
+ Personalized diet plan
+ Weekly 6-day per week fitness program in 12-week blocks
+ 2 or 3 day per week personal training sessions at Cam Gym
+ Personal training log (progress tracking)
+ Daily coaching access
+ Monthly summary consultation

Money back guarantee! If you don’t see positive results in 1 month, you can have your money back.
Currently OPEN Slots:
Mon / Wed   7 am – 8am
Tues  / Thurs   8 am – 9 am
2 times per week in the gym is $80/month (1st month is $69)

Krav Maga Level II

Congratulations to Dan Wiseman and Kris Bessette for passing the Level I Krav Maga testing at Cima Fitness! Great job, guys! They will now move on to the Level II class for more advanced Krav Maga training. This is a new, invitation-only class available at Cima Fitness where students have the opportunity to regularly practice, and become proficient in, ground defense, punching, kicking, weapons defense, in addition to neutralizing and escaping tactics, at a more advanced level than is taught in the KravFit classes.
Tues / Thurs  9:30 am – 10:30 am
2 times per week classes are $30/month

Classes begin again on Monday, January 5th! 

See the full class Schedule for days and times.
Hope to see you soon!


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